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Business LLC: Can Ownership Be Kept Private?

One of the benefits of forming a business LLC is that in most states, the owners of the business are not a matter of public record.

This is not the case in all states. Some state do require that members of an LLC be disclosed and in some cases their addresses must also be listed. You need to check with your state formation requirements to be sure.

For those states that do offer privacy, there are still some pitfalls to losing privacy. For one, every state requires that an LLC have a registered agent who is listed and shows name and address is available as a matter of public record.

Some owners choose to serve as the registered agent and this results in their name and address being associated with the business LLC. If you want to be kept private, you can purchase registered agent services and have a company and its office address serve this role.

Using a registered agent service will keep your name from being publicly associated with your LLC. Just be sure you choose a reputable registered agent as this role is vital to your LLC and your legal protection. CLICK HERE FOR A TOP REGISTERED AGENT SERVICE PROVIDER

Some business owners mistakenly think that if their home state requires owner disclosure, they can avoid this disclosure by forming their limited liability company in another state.  This may be the case initially with the formation filing.

However, if your business is going to be operated in your home state or will have any business activity in that state, the LLC will need to registered in your home state and foreign LLC registration usually has the same disclosure requirements as domiciled LLC.  You may find yourself paying for two registrations and annual maintenance fees without any privacy in the end.

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